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The MEDICA exhibition begins! Come and watch!

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On November 14th, the MEDICA exhibition was held as scheduled in Düsseldorf, Germany. As a prestigious hospital and medical equipment exhibition in the world, it has attracted many medical industry manufacturers and service providers to participate in the exhibition.


In this exhibition, BIOBASE exhibited ten popular products including safety cabinets, auto chemistry analyzers, auto hematology analyzer, and electrolyte analyzer.


On the opening day of the exhibition, a large number of tourists were attracted in front of the BIOBASE booth. Many customers have in-depth exchanges with BIOBASE sales representatives on product performance at the exhibition site.

Previously, BIOBASE has participated MEDICA exhibitions for many times. BIOBASE brand and product quality have been recognized and trusted by many foreign customers.


This exhibition will last until November 17th. BIOBASE will be waiting for you in Hall 3, 3K27. We will see you soon!



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