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The Macau mobile PCR chamber laboratory project was delivered

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Recently, in order to prevent epidemic situation and be prepared, the Macau Special Administrative Region has built a PCR Chamber Hospital and held cross-departmental drills. BIOBASE Group has also contributed to the construction of the mobile PCR chamber laboratory in Macau. At present, a mobile PCR chamber laboratory produced by BIOBASE and its supporting equipment are already on their way to Macau.


BIOBASE equipped biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, mini centrifuges, refrigerators, low-temperature freezers, UV disinfection trolleys, vortex mixers and pipettes for the Macau mobile PCR chamber laboratory project, a total of 40 units.


As a manufacturer, BIOBASE can not only produce mobile PCR chamber laboratory, but also provide corresponding equipment with each area of the mobile PCR chamber laboratory. At present, BIOBASE has provided different mobile PCR chamber laboratories for many countries and cities at home and abroad. We also hope to provide more medical and health services in different aspects around the world in the future.


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