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The first stop of overseas exhibitions in 2023 Dubai Arab Health

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Big news! The Arab Health will be held on January 30, 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center. BIOBASE will also be invited to participate in this industry event, which is also the first overseas exhibition that BIOBASE will participate in 2023.


How much do you know about Arab Health?

Arab Health is a worldwide professional medical exhibition with a largescale, complete exhibits and outstanding exhibition functions in the Middle East.


Since it was first held in 1975, the exhibition planning, exhibitors and the number of visitors have expanded year by year, and it has always enjoyed a high reputation among hospitals and medical device agents in Middle Eastern countries.


BIOBASE has always attached great importance to the Middle East market. In order to facilitate the service of surrounding customers,BIOBASE established an office in Dubai, striving to expand our local influence.


At the Arab Health, BIOBASE will exhibit more than ten products. These include the new product BSC-3FA2-HA EN certified biological safety cabinet, auto hematology analyzer BK-3100, automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system BKI2200, MFN803E series electric wheelchairand other products.


On January 30, 2023 local time, we are looking forward to your arrival at the Arab Health. BIOBASE’s booth information is as follows:



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