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Weekly Recommendation -25℃ Refrigerator: BDF-25V270

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This week we will recommend you our -25℃ refrigerator. It is mainly used for the storage of RNA vaccines.

There are two types of BIOBASE -25℃ refrigerators.

The first type is a refrigerator with a temperature range of -10℃~-25℃. This type has a variety of capacities to choose from, including 270, 305  and 400 liters.    

The second type is a refrigerator with an upper temperature range of 2℃~8℃ and a lower temperature range of -10℃~-25℃, including 265 liters and 368 liters.

Today, i will show you the model BDF-25V270. Its capacity is 270 liters.

It has three main characteristics. We can see the follows:


1. Precise temperature control

The microprocessor system guarantees that its accuracy is 0.1℃, and its temperature can be adjusted freely within the range of -10℃~-25℃.

2. High cooling efficiency and low energy consumption

Direct refrigeration is achieved through the International famous compressor and R290, CFC refrigerant.

3. Multiple alarm system

Alarms such as high or low temperature, sensor failure, power failure, door ajar, etc., ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine in the refrigertor.

For more information about our -25℃ refrigerators, please contact our sales manager.


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