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Weekly Recommendation -86℃ Freezer: BDF-86V348

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This week we will recommend you our -86℃ freezer. It is mainly used for the storage of mRNA vaccines.

They all use a microprocessor system to achieve precise temperature control.

Today, i will show you the model BDF-86V348. Its capacity is 348 liters and temperature range is -60℃~-86℃.

It has four main characteristics. We can see the follows:

1. Outstanding refrigeration

Direct cooling is achieved by mixing refrigerant and two sets of compressors.

2. Excellent thermal insulation performance

Double guarantee of two inner doors plus a lockable outer door, and multiple sound and light alarm system. These can ensure temperature stability.


3. Data monitoring and acquisition

The LCD display can monitor the temperature data in real time. And The USB port can download temperature data for data analysis.

4. A variety of accessories to choose from

According to actual usage, multiple storage racks and boxes can be selected.

For more information about our -86℃ freezer, please contact our sales manager.


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