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Weekly Recommendation BK-200

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This week we will recommend you our popular model BK-200 chemistry analyzer.

So how popular is our BK-200?

It has been successfully sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and has established exclusive agents in Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, the Philippines, Serbia and other countries. The quality of BK-200 has been verified by the market.


So what advantages of BK-200 have won the trust of many overseas customers?

Firstly, it has obtained FDA and CE certifications, and can be verified on the official website.

BK-200 has obtained the FDA and CE, which meets the requirements of most countries for the import of medical devices.


Secondly, BK-200 chemistry analyzer is small in size, space-saving, light in weight and easy to move.

There is no problem with placing it on the desktop, and it takes up very little space.

Thirdly, BK-200 has stable performance and fast testing speed. There are 37 sample positions and 28 reagent positions. It can detect 200 samples per hour.


Fourthly, BK-200 has the characteristics of saving reagents. It can be used in conjunction with the clinical reagents produced by BIOBASE to save reagents.

Most importantly, BK-200 is the cost-effective model among similar products in the market. Choosing BK-200 means that you can buy more satisfactory products at a more competitive price.

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