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Weekly Recommendation Nucleic Acid Extraction System——BNP32

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This week we will recommend you our Nucleic Acid Extraction System, which is mainly used for nucleic acid extraction.

Today, i will be here recommend you the model BNP32, which is the most popular type.

1. BNP32 can detect 32 samples at a time.

2. Its size is small, which can effectively save space.

3. This machine is equipped with a seven-inch touch screen, which with fast response speed and simple operation.

4. As for its internal system, this nucleic acid extraction system adopts an automatic control system.

5. Its operational process is also very user-friendly.

The shock mixing mode and fluctuation range can be selected independently. What’s more, its 8 modules can be heated independently, and it also can customize the pyrolysis and elution temperature.

6. It is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection function, which can freely choose the disinfection time range from 1 minute to 24 hours.

7. The operating procedure will be automatically suspended when the safety door is opened until the safety door is closed again.

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