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What is a laminar flow cabinet?

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The laminar flow cabinet is a kind of device that can make the local environment be with high cleanliness, air flow modes of which includes 2 types, namely horizontal type and vertical type. It is widely used in the semiconductor industry, precision instrument, meter, electronic component, optical instrument, chemical, smelting purification, magnetic material, microbiology research, medicine and health, scientific research and other departments, which plays a significant role in improving product yield, precision, stability, and reliability.


Working environment: 

(1) For indoor use only;

(2) Ambient temperature: 15°C~35°C;

(3) Relative humidity: ≤ 75%;

(4) Atmospheric pressure range: 70 kPa to 106 kPa.


Main Structure Composition:

Air Filtration System

Air filtration system is the most important system to ensure the performance of this equipment, which consists of a fan and an air filter. The main function of the air filtration system is to continuously make the clean air into the operating area and ensure that the airflow velocity,and the cleanliness in the operation area meet the standard requirements.

UV Light Source

The UV lamp is located inside the operation area, ensuring that the UV light can fully irradiate all the space in the operation area to completely sterilize all the space.

LED Light Source

LED lamp can ensure that the average illumination in the operating area meets the standard requirements.


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