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Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System

BK-AutoHS96 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System is a fully automatic high-throughput equipment with automatic sample addition, nucleic acid extraction and PCR system configuration. With magnetic bead extraction reagents, it is suitable for automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification of 1-96 clinical samples of various types. The flexible automatic liquid handling function can accurately complete sample loading and reagent distribution according to requirements. Humanized software design, simple operation, no manual steps, greatly improving work efficiency.


  • BK-AutoHS96


1. Accurate pipetting, air pressure correction can adapt to extreme environments such as flat ground, plateau, island, etc., to ensure the accuracy of pipetting

2. 96 samples can be processed within 60 minutes, realizing high-throughput processing of samples, saving time and effort

3. Reagent position and PCR plate position, can be refrigerated at 4℃

4. With high-efficiency filter, ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, and safety door functions, effectively prevent microbial pollution

5. Multi-threaded control and three-module extraction can run three different extraction programs at the same time

6. Intelligent temperature control, over-temperature protection function

7. Preset multiple experimental programs, strong compatibility, suitable for various types of sample graphic guides, visualized operations

8. Nucleic acid products can be allocated to the 2*96 PCR reaction system to flexibly construct a variety of different PCR detection systems


It is widely used in various fields such as Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Disease Control and Prevention Center, Scientific research institution, Laboratory medicine of all size general hospitals, Blood centers, Independent labs.

Technical Parameter:



Extraction Method

Magnetic Bead Method

Working Mode

Automatic sampling + Nucleic acid extraction + PCR reaction system addition


1-96, Linear slide type sample rack

Extraction Volume


Processing Time

Complete the processing of 96 samples within 60 minutes (related to reagents)

Magnetic Bead Recovery


Temp Range

RT-105℃, Lysis and elution position

Temp Accuracy


Heating Method

Dry bath heating

Heating Speed


Shaking Function

Up and down oscillation (1-5 gears adjustable)

Extraction Position

6 (96-well deep well plate)

Robotic arm

A robotic arm for adding samples and reagents

Pipetting Channel

2 Channel

Liquid Detection

Pneumatic liquid level detection principle, intelligent detection of blocked needle

Pipetting Tip

50ul,200ul,1000ul, Disposable black conductive needle with filter element

Tip Amount

2-3 Tips/sample

Pipetting Accuracy

10ul, CV≤3.0%, Accuracy≤5.0%, 50ul Tip

50ul, CV≤2.0%, Accuracy≤2.0%, 1000ul Tip

100ul, CV≤1.5%, Accuracy≤2.0%, 1000ul Tip

Sample Volume


Working Zone

2 PCR positions with cooling function

6 Tip positions for three types of Tips

2 Reagent positions (5ml freezing tube rack position with  cooling function, one reserved position)

Protective function

Start up self-test, Power-off protection, High temperature alarm, Over-temperature protection, Tip removal protection

Disinfection method

UV lamp (30W*1, 8W*1)

Illumination Lamp

10W LED lamp

Audible Alarm

Yes (Red and blue blinking)

Safety Door Design

With safety lock function, the safety door is opened and the program is suspended


10.1inch touch screen, Windows System




LAN interface (Bi-direction LIS optional)

Contamination control

Built-in air duct and HEPA filter can effectively filter internal aerosols and prevent cross-contamination

IAP Function

Firmware can be upgraded online at any time

Power Supply


External Size (W*D*H)


Package Size (WD*H)

1535*970*1180mm (Main instrument)  1540*970*1160mm(Base)

Gross Weight

360kg(Main instrument) ;190kg(Base)





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