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Automated Sample Processing System

The Automated Sample Processing System is equipped with an independent HEPA filter system, and the Automated SampleProcessing System can be used with a biological safety cabinet.
lt can complete lidopeninglclosing, dispensing, proteinase Kinternal control adition, which helps laboratories quickly improvetheir large-scale nucleic acid detection capabilities.

  • BK-PR32 BK-PR48



The Automated Sample Processing System can be used with a biological safety cabinet. Could complete lid opening/closing, dispensing, proteinase K/internal control addition, it only takes 16 minutes to transfer 48 samples at one time, which helps laboratories quickly improve their large-scale nucleic acid detection capabilities


Sample processing for clinical diagnosis, epidemic surveillance, food safety, forensic identification, scientific research, etc., especially for samples of SARS-CoV-2 or other virulent infectious diseases.

Work Process:



Safety: Automated Sample Processing System is equipped with high-efficiency filter and built-in UV lamp, and it can be used with a biological safety cabinet, to effectively prevent aerosol pollution.

Efficient: Cooperative processing with dual robotic arms

Convenient: Visual interface operation, easy to operate

Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of pipette tips, deep well plates, sampling tubes.(including blood collection tubes) specifications

Smart: One-key operation, smart dispensation


Technical Parameter:

Model BK-PR32 BK-PR48
Throughput 1-32 1-48
Processing Time 32 samples/10min 48 samples/16min
Sample Type Plasma, serum, whole blood,swab solution and other samples
Sample Rack 1Pcs,3*12 with locking device (compatible
with a variety of sampling tubes)
1Pcs,6*8 with locking device(compatible
with a variety of sampling tubes)
RobotArm 1 pcs (Dispensation arm ) 2 pcs (Dispensation arm and Screw cap arm)
Plate Position 2 pcs(Compatible with l-shaped and
square boards)
3 pcs (Compatible with multi-specification
deep-well plates)
Tip Position 3 pcs (Including tip waste box position)
Reagent Rack 1 pcs (4*2ml centrifuge tube+4*2ml freezing tube+4*5ml freezing tube)
Protective Function Can be used in a biological safety cabinet
External droplet catch tray design
With air-tight and anti-drip design
Liquid Detection Pneumatic liquid level detection principle, intelligent detection of blocked needle
Pipetting Volume 5-100μl(1000/50μl Tip)
ipetting Accuracy 10μl, CV≤1.5%,Accuracy≤6.0%,5oμl Tip
5oμl, CV≤1.0%,Accuracy≤2.0%,1000μlTip
100μl, CV≤0.5%,Accuracy≤2.0%,1000μl Tip
Power Supply 220V,50/60Hz;110V,60Hz
External Size (W"DH) 540*637*1113mm 827*794*1223mm
Net Weight 56kg 100kg
Package Size (W'DH) 670*810*1314mm Main instrument:925*925*817mm;
Base cabinet:1030*995*1045
Gross Weight 76kg Main instrument:115kg;
Base cabinet:105kg

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