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Gas Chromatograph BK-GC900

BK-GC900 gas chromatograph is a popular, high-performance, multi-functional series of chromatographic instruments. FID, TCD and FPD detectors can be combined as needed to meet the needs of ordinary laboratories, daily production, routine detection and trace quantities analysis requirements. It can be widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, environment, food safety, disease control, teaching and scientific research.
  • BK-GC900


l Ethernet communication interface is adopted, so that the instrument can realize long-distance data transmission through the internal LAN of the enterprise, which is convenient for the management of analysis data

l The unique design of the injection port solves the injection discrimination, and the dual-column compensation function not only solves the baseline drift caused by temperature programming, but also reduces the influence of background noise, which can lead to lower detection limits.

l Unique vaporization chamber design, smaller dead volume; replacement of accessories such as injection pad, liner, polarizer, collector, nozzle can be done with one hand; packed column, capillary injector, TCD, FID detector and other main bodies The replacement only requires a wrench to be completely disassembled, and the maintenance is very convenient.

l The intelligent rear door system has stepless variable inlet and outlet air volume, which shortens the stable balance time of the system after programmed heating/cooling

l The inlet can be installed up to 4 types (packed column, capillary column split/splitless injection system can be used), multiple detectors with the same or different detectors are installed, automatic/manual gas injection device can be selected, top Empty sampler, thermal desorption sampler, pyrolysis furnace sampler, methane reformer, etc.

l The instrument is equipped with a 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen and keyboard input for user operation.

l Adopt the dual-stable gas path design of primary pressure stabilizer valve and stabilizer valve/pressure stabilizer valve

l With seven temperature control devices, the temperature control accuracy is lower than ±0.1℃

l With double over-temperature protection and power-off protection function

l With linkage trigger signal acquisition system

l With fault self-check and alarm function




Temp. Range


Temp. Accuracy


Temp. Program


Max. Temp. Heating Rate


Time Range


Internal Size



Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

Detection limit:≤5×10-12g/s

(100ng/ul n-hexadecane-isooctane solution)

Temperature 450℃

Compatible with packed and capillary columns

Baseline drift:≤2x10-13A/30min

Baseline noise: 3×10-14A

Linear range:≥107

Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)

Sensitivity: >

(50mg/ml toluene-benzene solution)

Temperature 400℃

Baseline drift:≤0.1mV/30min

Baseline noise: 0.03mV

Linear range:≥105(±10%)

Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)

Detection limit:≤5×10-12g/s(S of 10ng/ul methyl parathion-ethanol solution)

Detection limit:≤4×10-12g/s(P of 10ng/ul methyl parathion-ethanol solution)

Linear range (S): ≥103

Linear range (P): ≥104

Temperature 350℃

Injection Method

Various injection methods are available:

1) Packed column injection;

2) Packed column gasification injection;

3) Capillary split/splitless injection: back pressure valve control technology, linear split;

4) Six-way valve gas injection;

5) On-line injection: continuous injection for 24 hours without supervision

Power Supply

AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Standard Accessory

FID detector, Chromatography workstation software, Capillary sampler  

Optional Accessory

Sample injection system, TCD, FPD detector, Chromatographic column, Nickel catalytic converter

External Size(L*W*H)


Net Weight


Package Size (W*D*H)


Gross Weight





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