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-150°C Freezer

-25°C Freezer

-25°C Freezer(Separate Refrigerator)

-25°C medical refrigeration

-25℃ Freezer

-40 degree medical refrigerator

-40°C Freezer

-40°C Freezer BDF-40V608 BDF 40V708 BDF 40V808 BDF- 40V936

-40°C medical cold storage

-40℃ Freezer

-40℃ Low Temperature Freezer

-60°C Freezer

-60℃ Freezer

-80°C Freezer

-86℃ Freezer

-86℃ Freezer 588L 728L 838L

100L -25°C Freezer

100l mould incubator

12l vaccine refrigerator

135l sterilizer

150 liter autoclave

1500L laboratory Refrigerator

150l mould incubator

18l autoclave

19l car refrigerator

200l horizontal autoclave

200l mould incubator

2019-nCov IgM/IgG Antibody Tset Kit(Colloidal Gold)

2019-Novel Coronavirus

225l sterilizer

250l mould incubator

260L laboratory Refrigerator

2~8℃ lab refrigerator

2~8℃ laboratory refrigerator


3 part hematology analyzer vet

3-Diff Hematology Analyzer

3-part Hematology Analyzer

300L -25°C Freezer(Separate Refrigerator)

300T/H Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

30l autoclave

30l constant temperature incubator

30L freezer

360L laboratory Refrigerator

368L -25°C Freezer(Separate Refrigerator)

400T/H Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

450L Horizontal Autoclave

450L Refrigerator

45l constant temperature incubator

4°C referigerator

5 channel PCR

5 diff hematology analyzer

5 Part Cbc Auto Hematology Analyzer Machine Blood Fully Automatic BK-6310

5 part diff hematology analyzer

5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer

5-Part Veterinary Hematology Analyzer

50l autoclave

50L Constant Temperature Incubator

50l verticals autoclave

58L 128L Freezer

5l lab refrigerator

5℃ Refrigerator

600 Tests per hour fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer

656L laboratory Refrigerator

6l vaccine refrigerator

75l autoclave

8 channels clinical lab analyser semi auto chemistry analyzer

80L Constant Temperature Incubator

86 degree ultra low temperature freezer

936L -25°C Freezer

a 2 biological safety cabinet

a2 biological safety cabinet

ab equipment radiation and biological protection

AC Series Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

AC Series Class II B2 Biological Safety Cabinet

Accurate hematological testing for veterinary use

acid fume hood ductless

Advanced biological containment system

Advanced Level 3 Biological Safety Cabinet

advanced radiation protection for laboratories

AED device

Aerosol adsorber

agricultural study incubator

air filter fan unit

air plasma sterilizer

air purifier mini

air shower

air shower box

air shower full glass

air shower pass box


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